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‘Botswana Dreaming’ is a poetic children’s book inspired by a dream I had after a transformative trip to Botswana. The narrative of the poem follows the story of a young girl who in her sleep, drifting in a boat, is taken by an ancestor on a memorable journey. The magic that happens when she is able to sit on the back of a giant Marabou stork flying across the Okavango Delta, how she got too close to the Hippos and Crocodiles. On her journey, the young girl meets up with a family of Elephants and Baboons.


The paintings that accompany the poem have created a beautiful poetry picture book.


As well as the book, a workbook full of interesting facts, and projects to try will be created as a learning aid and links beautifully with the young girl’s adventures in the poem ‘Botswana Dreaming’.

A percentage of the proceeds will go towards a selected charity in Botswana.

'I calmed, and floated by all the wonderful animals in the Okovanga delta

Slipping through hoops of the reflected reeds and night scented lilies'

Silver Birch 2

Sliver Birch with tickling light

On dainty leaves


The sun strikes and you are

Strikingly bright amongst a dreary


There for the tapping a month

before the spring

Of a rich and healthy nectar

For the shelter of a sweet song


Painting 326.jpeg

Into the blue

That's you

Kind and clever

As ever

Oh how you are missed

But into the blue

You insist


Paradise lost is she

And into the blue 

Must be


Forever more

Leaving the shore

And into the blue

You persist


Swimming amongst turtles,

Mantas and fishes

Into the blue

True are your wishes


Following dolphins and a great white

One would think fright you might

But not

Little you 

Ecstatic in the blue!

Untitled_Artwork 2.jpg
Painting 848.jpeg
Logs & Dogs Low.jpg

Are you looking or seeing?

Are you hearing or listening?

Are you trusting, your feelings

The joy of it, the hurt

Are you noticing

The light?

The light on a leaf, through a leaf 

The winter berries, like jewels (dazzling) glimmering on a breeze

On water, in water

The sound on water, in water

The water in between 

At first light the water in between petals and blades of fresh green grass

Hearing the shapes of autumn leaves as they crisply slide past one another as you shuffle your way through childhood memories

Hearing the sweet chirp of birds near and far 

embracing the light before it fades too early

In winter


That’s my favourite rose,

Well actually

This is the one I love the most

…but my favourite is that one

The absolute best scent comes from this rose, the ultimate rose

I could die for this rose and the only reason to live is for this rose

The other  one, there…. the petals…If it wasn’t for that rose,  well 

This rose is outrageous

Don’t you just love the delicacy of this rose, the colour, the blousyness and heady scent of this rose just drives you wild, it must be my other favourite

Anyone would love it

Well did I say I have a favourite rose

You wouldn’t believe it if I told you…. It’s impossible to say

Whose nose?

Who knows?

Which rose!

Jo Cresswell 0013.jpg

What an old dog

This old dog


Taught me this

Taught me that

Never judged me

Or made a comment 

On how I wear my hat


Helped me take the time to think

To appreciate all that life itself can bring


Showed true love, kindness, understanding and devotion

How to be slow

How to grow

How to grow old 

How to be patient


What an old dog

This old dog

My old dog

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