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A selection of my collage and acrylic art is available printed onto handmade Indian rugs and UK Made hand-rolled silk scarves allowing you to introduce art to your home and wardrobe.




The scarves are 100% silk twill or crepe de chine, each one is hand rolled and made in the uk.

The Orchard scarf is 100% silk twill and was created from an acrylic study of apples and boasts vibrant reds, blues and greens, creating a sophisticated and elegant look. 

PHOTO-2022-11-28-21-11-11 5.jpg
Jo Cresswell 0011.jpg



Currently available in three designs: Orchard, Autumn and Birch, are 100% silk, hand rolled and made in the UK.

The Orchard and Autumn scarves are 40cm x 40cm, the Birch scarf  is 41cm x 168cm making them incredibly versatile.

The Autumn scarf is 100% silk twill created from a collage study of fallen leaves and features rich burnt oranges, Greenes and browns.  


The Birch scarf  is 100% silk crepe de chine  and was created from a collage study of birch trees by mirroring the image. This design gives the scarf a unique symmetry and allows an elongated shape. The green tones, abstract shapes and versatile size allows the scarf to work well as a unisex accessory.


A selection of my collages are available as rugs. Currently available in Winter and Autumn 2. All rugs are 100% wool and handmade in India with a Good weave endorsement.

Each rug 6ft x 4ft is made to order. 

A perfect and unique way to add Art to your living space.


Sometimes I like to write, it's often very spontaneous and gives me a different kind of joy, when not painting.

When I get a flow I will write. Here are some of the words I have put together.  I am just collecting lots of words and felinas and putting them together, shifting and rearranging text, similar to when I create a collage.

I Hope you enjoy them.

Give it a try yourself if you haven't already!

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