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My art practice takes place in my studio on the farm, creating work inspired my by surroundings in nature and from travels abroad. I love to paint and make collages on paper.  My hope is that I am able to draw people's attention to things that may be overlooked. I am happy to collaborate with other people and enjoy exhibiting in group shows or solo. Varying my techniques is a good learning tool for the mind, some ideas just seem to work better exploring different media. Studio visits can be made by appointment and commissions are welcome. 

Painting in reverse means, first I paint what I want to see at the surface, painting acrylic directly onto acrylic, layering. Once I make the decision it's final. It can be a fascinating process and I think differently when I work in this way. 

The collages I create are usually worked paper on paper. I tear and cut, arranging and rearranging the paper and the space until I'm satisfied  that I have interpreted correctly what I want to achieve.

I enjoy painting in acrylic on canvas, canvas board, clay board or plexiglass, exploring colour and form. The natural world is often the focus, taking inspiration from the senses of what I see, hear, touch, smell and feel.



Botswana dreaming features a selection of acrylic on board works inspired by my time in Botswana. Each painting accompanies and was inspired by a line in the Poem creating a Beautiful character filled Poetic Childrens Art Book. 
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